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Climate Death

This week’s Austin News Real program features Bruce Melton, P.E., anAustin civil engineer and climate change expert, who reveals the trueimpact of the warming planet. Bruce Melton talks about what he learnedvisiting Greenland and witnessing firsthand the melting glaciers. He alsoscreens his 12-minute documentary, “What Have We Done,” about thegreatest tree pandemic in North America in possibly 10,000 years. Fourhundred million trees are dead in the American Rockies. This is what thescientists have been warning us about when they said that insectinfestation would increase in a warmer world. Bruce Melton also sharesseveral songs he has written. More information about his work on climatechange can be found at www.meltonengineering.comThis Austin News Real program aired on December 4, 2008 on channelAustin10. channelAustin is Austin’s public access television station / communitymedia center. See