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Nuke Free Texas

Karen Hadden of the Sustainable Energy & Economic Development (SEED)Coalition and S. David Freeman, known as the “Green Cowboy,” join AustinNews Real to debunk the myth that nuclear power is a viable clean and safeenergy option. The nuclear power industry has proposed eight (8) new nukeplants for Texas. For details and information about what you can do seewww.nukefreetexas.orgS. David Freeman’s extensive experience includes top positions at LosAngeles Department of Water and Power, California Independent SystemOperator and the California Power Exchange (ISO/PX) Trusts, New York PowerAuthority, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Lower Colorado RiverAuthority (LCRA) and Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).An engineer, lawyer, and author, Freeman has served in various high-levelgovernment positions, including energy adviser to President Jimmy Carter,an energy consultant to the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, head of theenergy policy staff in the White House Office of Science and Technology,and executive assistant to the chairman of the Federal Power Commission.This Austin News Real program aired on December 11, 2008 on channelAustin10. channelAustin is Austin’s public access television station / communitymedia center. See